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Ingeniux API Documentation


  • CMS Content Store API (CSAPI): This is the references section of the Ingeniux CMS Content Store library. CSAPI actions are only accessible via assembly references.

  • CMS Web Services API (Web API): Ingeniux CMS Web Services API is a set of REST and SOAP services that expose all Ingeniux CMS functionalities.


Note: After navigating to an API collection, you can search it by changing the URL's index file from index.html to index.aspx (e.g., from https://support.ingeniux.com/api/cms/10/webapi/index.html to https://support.ingeniux.com/api/cms/10/webapi/index.aspx). After running the new URL, click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the right pane to begin a search.


Ingeniux CMS 10.0 is highly extensible and offers numerous customization points. Many of these are found in the Extensions Development Solution (i.e., Ingeniux_Extensions_Development.sln), located in site\App_Data\xml\Custom directory.


The following topics in this section will be of most interest to CMS developers:

Website Development


The following topics in this section will be of most interest to DSS developers:

Related Topics:

  • Development Life Cycle: This section provides an overview of the Ingeniux CMS architecture and steps through the development life cycle of a basic Ingeniux CMS project.
  • Special Topics for Developers: These topics fall outside typical development tasks or augment the development process.