Setting Dynamic Global Variables

To set a dynamic global variable:
  1. Navigate to Administration > System Options > Dynamic Site Server > Global Variables.
  2. Click the Add new global variable button (+).
  3. Select Add global variable with dynamic XPath query from the drop-down list.

    Dynamic Global Variable

  4. Enter the Variable Name. The name you provide will be chosen by users to insert the variable into their content. The name shouldn't include any spaces or special characters.
  5. In the Page Content XPath Query field, type the XPath query that locates the variable. As with static global variables, you can configure publishing target-specific values if desired.
  6. Click the Add new publishing target-specific value button (+). These could be used for different websites being produced from the same content, or to test new values for a staging versus live site publish.
  7. Select a publishing target from the drop-down list.
  8. If you set a value for the publishing target in the Page Content XPath Query field, this will be the default value.
  9. When you're finished creating the dynamic global variable, click Save.
    You can retrieve Link Name from Link element, and Title from Linkset element, but you need to enter these variable values, manually, rather than from the CMS UI.