Using Roles in Groups

How to Use Roles in Groups | Use roles to add preset permissions to groups.

Prerequisites: CMS 10.3+ must be installed by a systems administrator. See CMS Statistics to check the site version.

In Ingeniux CMS 10.3+, administrators can apply preselected sets of permissions (i.e., roles) to groups rather than manually selecting permissions.

To use a role in a group:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users/Groups > Groups.
  2. Select the user group in the Groups list.
  3. Select the role in the Apply permissions of predefined roles drop-down list. Only the role permissions display as selected in the Permissions area.

    Select Role

  4. Optional: Select or clear additional permissions to suit the group's needs.
  5. Click Save when you finish to save group edits.

    Save New Group