Configuring SAML IdP in local-membership.config

Each SAML identity provider (IdP) must be added as an ASP.NET membership provider in the local-membership.config file.

To configure a SAML IdP in local-membership.config:

  1. Navigate to the Ingeniux CMS installation's site folder (e.g., [Drive]:[path-to-site-root-folder]).
  2. Locate the local-membership.config file, and open it in a text editor.
  3. Create an add element for each SAML IdP as an ASP.NET membership provider. Configure the following attributes:
    Attribute Description

    Enter the SSO Provider Display Name. The system uses the name attribute as the provider name and label when selecting an authentication method from the Log in to menu on the CMS login page.

    Additional Info:

    As with any other provider configured for Ingeniux CMS, you can use the name value as the defaultProvider value. Access this attribute in the top-level membership element.

    If you configure the CMS with SAML as the only provider and as the defaultProvider value, the system redirects the user to the SAML login page, automatically.

    Type Enter the type of provider. Example: Ingeniux.CMS.Models.SAMLProvider.
    idpPartner Enter the SAML configuration partner name value. The idpPartner attribute keys to the name of the partner attribute within your configured saml.config file.

    Note: For Okta, the add element would be configured this way:

    <add name="Okta" type="Ingeniux.CMS.Models.SAMLProvider" idpPartner="[okta_unique_id_here]" />
  4. Save changes to local-membership.config.
    Important: If you have not already done so, configure saml.config to implement SAML.
  5. Recycle the CMS application pool after deploying these changes.