Alias and DITA Asset Updates

When DITA assets contain new checked-in changes, the correlating alias structures require an update to sync and reflect these changes in the Site Tree structure. The update syncs the changes while maintaining the original DITA alias IDs.

DITA asset content changes may alter alias structures when the CMS syncs them. Examples of DITA content changes that affect alias structures include:

  • File name, file title, or navigation title changes.

    If the title changes that the correlating alias uses, then the alias update will reflect this change in the Site Tree.

  • The addition, rearrangement, or deletion of file references or map group elements within the DITA map structure.

    If users add, reorder, or remove topic references from the DITA map structure, then the alias structure update will reflect these changes in the Site Tree. If the DITA map contains new aliases after the update, then the system generates IDs for the new aliases.

  • Document type refactoring on DITA files.

    If users refactor a DITA asset to a new document type, then the Toggle Content Subtype Information tool reflects the document type change of the DITA asset in the Assets Tree and the correlating alias in the Site Tree.

    For example, let's say a user refactors a DITA task topic to a DITA concept topic and then checks in the changes. When the alias update syncs the changes and the user selects the Toggle Content Subtype Information button, then the DITA alias displays as a concept instead of a task in the Site Tree.

CMS Alias Update Behaviors

System administrators determine whether the CMS automatically updates DITA aliases or requires users to manually execute the update action in the CMS UI.

See Configuring DITA Alias Auto-Update Setting for details to configure the CMS alias auto-update feature. System administrators access this setting in local-appsettings.config outside the CMS UI.

Alias Auto Updates

The CMS enables the alias auto-update feature by default. With this option enabled, the CMS automatically syncs and updates the correlating alias structures in the Site Tree after users check in new content changes to DITA assets.

The CMS requires no action from users to execute the alias auto-update. If the auto-update changes do not immediately display in the alias structures, then refresh the Site Tree.

Alias Manual Updates

When system administrators disable the auto-update feature, the CMS does not automatically sync the recent checked-in DITA asset changes to correlating alias structures in the Site Tree. The system requires users to manually execute an update action to sync the changes with correlating DITA alias structures.

Use the following tools to manually update DITA aliases within the CMS UI:

If the same DITA asset correlates with multiple alias structures, use the DITA Properties or DITA Map Manager interface tools to simultaneously update all correlating alias structures. The Site Tree context menu action updates only the aliases within the selected alias structure.