Adding Aliases via Site Tree Context Menu

  • Users must have the following group permissions.
    • site content item and asset item authoring permissions.
    • alias management permissions.
  • DITA content must be checked in to the appropriate publishing target.

Users can add alias structures by accessing the New > Alias action in the Site Tree context menu.

To add an alias structure via the Site Tree context menu:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Right-click the site page, component, or folder that will contain the alias structure in the Site Tree, and select New > Alias.

    Create Alias Structure via Site Tree Context Menu

    The Create Alias Structure Under Page dialog displays.
  3. Choose one of the following options.
    Search for AssetThis option is selected by default. Search for the DITA map asset that will serve as the alias structure root. Enter the asset ID or keywords based on the asset file name in the search field.
    Select the search result entry to display the Assets Manager file path of the DITA asset.
    Select Asset from Assets TreeLocate the DITA map that will serve as the alias structure root in the provided Assets Tree.
  4. Select the DITA map asset, and click Create Alias.

    Create Alias Structure Under Page Dialog

    A confirmation message displays.
  5. Select Create in the Creating Alias dialog to confirm the new alias structure.
    The aliases generate under the parent site content item or folder. The aliases mirror the hierarchical structure defined within the DITA map.
    See Alias Icons and Types for details about alias icon and tagging identifiers.

    Alias Structure in Site Tree