Opening Ingeniux CMS Browser

Operating users may intentionally or inadvertently close the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab. If the tab closes, users can reopen this tab by using the Show View action.

To open the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab:

  1. Open the Oxygen XML Web Editor application.
  2. Select Window in the Oxygen XML toolbar.

    Window Menu in Oxygen XML Editor

  3. Click Show View > Ingeniux CMS. The Ingeniux CMS Browser tab displays.

    Show View > Ingeniux CMS

    CMS DITA Assets Tree Structure in Ingeniux CMS Browser Tab of Oxygen XML Editor

    Additional Information:

    The system paginates node entries in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab. For example, let's say the maximum pagination number is 40. The system will display the first 40 child nodes in the folder. If folder contains more than 40 nodes, then users can click More... to load more child nodes. CMS system administrators configure this option (i.e., the treeChildrenPageSize key) in the Oxygen Web Service Web.config file.