Alias Deletion

Users can delete aliases from the Site Tree. The CMS permanently deletes DITA aliases without moving them to the recycle folder. These aliases cannot be recovered.

Keep the following in mind:

  • If users recycle or delete the content items in the Site Tree, the CMS deletes any descendant alias structures.
  • When users delete aliases, the associated DITA content remains intact. However, if users recycle or delete the DITA content, the CMS deletes all associated alias structures from the Site Tree.
  • The CMS prevents users from deleting individual aliases that reside with an alias structure.

    When users create alias structures, the structures operate as single units. Users can only delete the alias structure and not individual aliases within the structure. For example, let's say the Site Tree contains an alias structure based on a DITA map. Let's say a user wants to delete a particular alias associated with a DITA topic within that alias structure.

When deleting DITA content associated with aliases or Site Tree content item parents of aliases, the CMS displays a confirmation dialog to indicate all associated aliases will be deleted.

Use the following tools to delete aliases: