Installing Add-on Updates


  • System administrators must install the Oxygen Web Service for the Ingeniux CMS site instance. See Installing Oxygen Web Service for details.
  • System administrators must install the latest version of the Oxygen Web Service .dll file(s) for the Ingeniux CMS site instance. See Updating Oxygen Web Service for details.

    Note: Subsequent .dll file updates will become available for installation over time. Check with your system administrator for recent Oxygen Web Service updates.

  • CMS content contributors must install Oxygen XML Editor 23.1 on their authoring client(s). See the Oxygen XML Editor website for details.
  • CMS Content contributors must install the Ingeniux CMS Connector add-on. See Installing Ingeniux CMS Connector for details.

New Oxygen Desktop Plugin version add-on updates will become available for installation over time. Users can check for these plugin updates and install them to their Oxygen XML Editor 23.1 application.

To check for and install an add-on update for the Oxygen Desktop Plugin:

  1. Open the Oxygen XML Web Editor application.
  2. Choose one of the following steps:
    • If the Enable automatic updates checking option is selected, which is the system's default, then the Updates Available dialog displays when a new add-on update becomes available. Click Review Updates to open the Manage add-ons dialog.

      Updates Available Dialog

    • Navigate to Help > Check for add-ons updates... in the Oxygen XML Editor toolbar. The Manage add-ons dialog displays and checks for new add-on updates.

      Help > Check for add-on updates...

  3. Check the Version and installation Status of the Ingeniux CMS Connector plugin. Your Oxygen Desktop Plugin's current version number displays in the Version column. If the add-on has a new version update available, the Status column displays Update available [version-number].

    Note: If the Ingeniux CMS Connector add-on's Status displays as Installed, then your Oxygen Desktop Plugin is up to date with the latest add-on.

    Update Ingeniux CMS Connector Add-on to Latest Version

  4. If a new update becomes available, then select the add-on, and click Update. The License and Signature tabs display.

    IngeniuxCMSConnector Add-on End User License Agreement

  5. Read the licensing terms.
  6. Select the I accept all terms of the end user license agreements checkbox, and click Finish. The Ingeniux CMS Connector add-on updates to the latest version, and the Add-ons dialog displays.
  7. Click OK, and restart the Oxygen XML Editor application to apply the add-on update changes.

Next Steps (optional): See Using Oxygen Desktop Plugin for details to use the plugin tools in Oxygen XML Editor.