Opening Oxygen Desktop Plugin via CMS 10.6 Web Launcher


Users can access the web launcher feature to directly open DITA content in the Oxygen Desktop Plugin from the CMS. Execute the web launcher by selecting the Edit in Oxygen button in the DITA asset's Overview tab.

Web Launcher automatically configures the Ingeniux CMS Connection settings for the Oxygen Desktop Plugin. When users run Web Launcher, the system automatically applies the _oxygen_exclusive_admin OAuth identity credentials to connect CMS 10.6 to the Oxygen Desktop Plugin.

If users install the Oxygen Desktop Plugin Web Launcher for the first time, the system requires users to complete this task as part of the Web Launcher installation and setup process. This task connects the Oxygen Desktop Plugin to the CMS.

Users can then edit this DITA content within the Oxygen XML Editor application interface.

To execute the Oxygen Desktop Plugin Web Launcher:
  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. Select the DITA content you want to open in the Oxygen Desktop Plugin.
    The CMS only provides web launcher for DITA type assets.
  3. Select the asset's Overview tab, and select Edit in Oxygen.

    CMS 10.6 Edit in Oxygen Button (Web Launcher)

  4. Confirm the web launcher execution in the web browser confirmation dialog that displays.
    The DITA content loads within the Oxygen XML Editor desktop application.
    If you want to change the default Oxygen version and application where Web Launcher opens DITA content, then configure your preferences via the Web Launcher installer (see web launcher installation prerequisite).

    If you experience difficulty with running Web Launcher, then review the CMS 10.6 Oxygen Desktop Plugin and Web Launcher installation process to ensure you successfully completed the setup. See CMS 10.6 Oxygen Desktop Plugin Installation for details.