Translating Pages in Translate Tab


The actual translation work takes place in the Translate tab of each clone page. Translators compare the master page fields to the clone page fields to translate the content.

If you meet all the prerequisites and the Translate tab doesn't display, recycle the CMS site application pool.
To translate a page in the Translate tab:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the page to translate in the clone region root structure in the Site Tree.
  3. Check out the selected page.
  4. Click the Translate tab. The Translate tab displays.
    Additional Information
    The Translate tab features side-by-side text fields designed to make the work of translation efficient. The read-only fields display the master page text on the left. The editable fields display the cloned text on the right.

    See Translate Tab for details about the Translate tab user interface.

    Side-by-Side Translation

  5. Manually translate the cloned text into the target language (e.g., Spanish).
    Additional Information
    If the master and clone pages use different schemas, the Translate tab content always associates with the clone page schema. If the translator saves the page, the translated values in the Translate tab display in the Edit tab and vice versa.
  6. Optional: To translate the name of the page:
    1. Right click the page in the Site Tree.
    2. Choose Rename. The Rename Page dialog displays.

      Rename Page

    3. Enter the translated name in the field provided.
  7. Click Save when finished.

Next Steps (optional): In CMS 10.5, Finalize the clone page translation to track master page changes after completing translation work.


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