CMS 10.0–10.5 Previewing Content Unit Views

Prerequisites: As an administrator, complete prerequisites to enable user access to the Design tab. See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.

Use the Preview Content Unit dialog to create, import, edit, preview, or manage a view for a presentation content unit (PCU) within Ingeniux CMS. You can make changes to views without seeking developer assistance or leaving the CMS user interface.

Preview Content Unit

When saved, Ingeniux CMS stores built-in views in AssetsAssets Tree with the following filepath:


You can directly create or edit views in the Assets Tree. See MVC Views as Managed Assets for details.

Content Unit View Filepath

The Preview Content Unit dialog displays the view's XML source code. Use the Design tab to edit the view and use the Rough Preview tab to display a preview of the content unit.

Preview Content Unit Dialog